Just for the Record

I hate her... hate her... hate her! ... I'm talking about SPECIAL AGENT NIKKI BETANCOURT! I hate her! ARGH!!! 
Well, fine, still giving her the benefit of newbie status... but then again, i loved Megan from the very start. (Megan, I miss you!) 
Five episodes have passed and still, I don't see myself liking the character of this new SA. She's so full of herself! Argh!!! I really enjoyed the scene wherein Don scolds her loudly at the FBI office. Put her in her place. XD And that one time when he sided with David instead of her. Hahahaha!

Speaking of Don, I think that (Numb3rs S05E02) was one of his best "angry" scenes. I usually dislike Don when he gets all angry and overbearing, but this one time, oh man... I loved... love still... that scene. I think he had all the rights to get angry ... therapy or not. XD Don has trust issues, right? And now that he's finally learning to trust his agents to do their job, it just seemed that Nikki didn't trust him to do his. Awww... Poor Don :3 But he handled that one perfectly!!!! Yay Don!

That's all, actually. I hate Betancourt, I love Don! :D